What is the ApeBlendr Protocol?

ApeBlendr is a no-loss savings game inspired by PoolTogether and built on top of the ApeCoin protocol. Currently, ApeCoin provides a staking program with juicy yields, so why not gamify it?

How does ApeBlendr work?

Ape coin holders deposit $APE into the ApeBlendr, which stakes the deposited $APE into the ApeCoin staking contract. The generated yield is awarded to one lucky winner every week. The other players never lose their principal.

Is ApeBlendr decentralized?

The ApeBlendr protocol is non-custodial, permissionless, and decentralized. This means that the protocol deployer never has access to users' $APE and cannot withdraw them.

How does ApeBlendr make money?

The ApeBlendr protocol will charge a small fee on every prize draw, so it can sustain itself in the long run.